Wonka's Chocolate Factory = meaning of life? 

Dear friend,

This is my Christmas gift to you. It is truly amazing, and is one of the most astounding, and mind boggling things you have ever read, so I hope you read it.

In my last letter I told you about three predictions. Two of those predictions (the Dow at 27,760, and signs on 11/24) came to pass, and I believe the third one will likely still occur soon.

Before, I explain the amazing things that have transpired regarding these predictions from the last letter, I would like to make three more bold predictions:

1) The Dow will make an all time peak high at precisely 28,672 points, probably on 12/23/19, and then crash, never to return. Why? It is 28,672 days between Pearl Harbor and the day the End Times begins on June 7th 2020. (There are far more reasons for this 28,672 Pearl Harbor connection, which I will explain after it comes to pass). *

2) The 101 year old barge on the Niagara River that moved 11 days before the 101st anniversary of WW1 on 11/11 will go over the Niagara Falls on 2/17/20, 110 days after it moved. Why 110 and 2/17? I will explain in this letter.


3) Trump will have a heart attack on 3/11 2020. 

*The Dow's peak at 28,672 could be either a closing high, or an intraday high. I am allowing for numbers after the decimal place. I have known this since November 12th and can prove this with a time stamped email and YouTube video I can forward to you. Today's date is 12/22/19.

Like I mentioned last time, I am not in the habit of making precise predictions. However, some things seem clear as the puzzle of signs comes together in the last days, and so in order to help you I will tell you in advance what I think is going to happen soon. Should any one of these three precise predictions come to pass it will be undeniable proof of the Lord's End Times signs I have been telling you about, and it should be enough to finally cause reconsideration of one's current worldview.

I appreciate, and empathize, that God has purposefully partially hidden Himself and has made it a serious challenge for you to come to the truth. What is going on with this life is very much like the plot of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory - the original movie, not the Burton/Depp remake. Wonka (God) needed to pretend to be mysterious, aloof and uncaring in order to carry out his test to see who would be worthy of inheriting the factory (Kingdom of Heaven). Even the prize Wonka advertised was an illusion. Finding one of the five Golden Tickets in the chocolate bar won the kid a tour of the factory. Then if the kid made it through the factory tour without succumbing to the temptation to break the rules (testing the forbidden candies that were in the experimental phase) the kid would receive a lifetime's worth of chocolate. The illusion that the tour of the factory was the prize is similar to how most people believe the prize is this short life. As a result of focusing on this short tour of life, most people do not care to acknowledge or sacrifice for God, and instead they seek a "good life". One by one, the four bratty kids (unrepentant sinners) eliminated themselves by breaking the rules, and seemed to have even met their doom, whilst Wonka appeared to be aloof and uncaring (just like how it seems God is not present or is uncaring about the trials and tragedies of life). Yet, Wonka's seemingly cold behavior was necessary to conduct his test. Charlie and his grandfather also broke the rules (sinned) and succumbed to their desire to test the "Fizzy Drink". However, Charlie and his grandfather believed that Wonka had not seen them breaking the rules. Finally, Charlie was the only kid remaining, and Charlie and his grandfather believed that they had won the lifetime's worth of chocolate. They were shocked when Wonka coldly dismissed them without even personally showing them the door, whilst claiming that he was busy and had other things to do. Charlie's grandfather became angry with Wonka for their treatment and accused Wonka of being misleading, but Wonka let them know that they had been caught testing the Fizzy Drink and they were not owed the lifetime's worth of chocolate. Charlie's grandfather's reaction was bitterness. He felt that it was not fair and that they were still entitled to the prize, even though they had broken the rules and were not worthy of the prize (just as unrepentant sinners believe they are still entitled). Charlie's grandfather told Charlie to not worry, and that they would make a fortune by selling the everlasting gobstopper candy to Wonka's competitor. Earlier in the tour each kid had been given one everlasting gobstopper, on the condition that they promise to not give it to Wonka's competitor after the tour, thus compromising Wonka's secret recipe for this candy. In the days before the tour began Wonka's competitor had approached each kid privately and offered a rich reward if they would bring him one everlasting gobstopper. After dismissing Charlie and his grandfather Wonka returned to his office, and this was when Charlie's grandfather attempted to console Charlie with the idea of selling the everlasting gobstopper to Wonka's competitor. Charlie thought about it for a minute and then went into Wonka's office and placed the everlasting gobstopper on Wonka's desk, saying that Wonka was right about them breaking the rules and that it was not right for him to keep the everlasting gobstopper. At this moment Wonka's demeanor completely changed, and a warm, joyous, loving smile came over his face. Wonka was thrilled, and told Charlie that he knew all along that Charlie would come through and pass the test. Wonka's supposed competitor then came into the office and it was explained that the competitor had all along been part of the test. It was explained that Charlie passed the test by admitting he was wrong, and by doing the right thing and returning the everlasting gobstopper (repentance, and then leading a righteous life, through self sacrifice). Wonka (a kid at heart) explained that he was retiring and needed to pass the factory onto someone, but that it had to be a kid (a born again believer), because an adult would ruin the factory by doing things their own way and not the way it was intended (the reason why unrepentant sinners cannot enter the Kingdom). Wonka needed to ensure that he chose the right kid to pass his inheritance to. Wonka could not let Charlie know that the true prize was the factory itself, and not just the tour or lifetime's worth of chocolate. Similarly, it would not be a true test if we knew with certainty that the purpose of this life was to make a choice about God. Charlie's character needed to be tested first, before Wonka could give him the Kingdom, and this could only be done through Wonka partially hiding his intentions. Similarly, this is why God needed to partially hide Himself and His true intentions, but has revealed Himself through His two books, the book of nature, and the Bible, to those that care to know and take the time to learn the truth about Him. Instead of not caring, or not caring enough to question the beliefs of the culture that one is born into. Whether it be the modern culture's religion of atheism, that for many people is mixed with pagan New Age/Eastern beliefs, or any other false religion.

The Scientific Materialism worldview arose in the 19th century. Long before the scientific discoveries of the 20th century that now overwhelmingly indicate a monotheistic intelligent designer for the origin of the universe and life. The science also overwhelmingly indicates that this intelligence is monotheistic (a personal being) and preceded the universe, and this therefore rules out pantheism. Which is that god is an impersonal being/energy, and is imbued in the creation itself - "collective consciousness" - Eastern religion. The monotheistic God is holy, which is a Hebrew word that means set apart. The story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a gift from God. Only one worldview matches this story: Christianity. I hope you will look into why God became one with His creation through humbly becoming one of us. (The answer is love.)

In the last letter I mentioned that a sign was expected on November 24th. The reason I mentioned November 24th is because I had mentioned this date in a letter back in May. In reality, there has been an avalanche of stunning signs on numerous dates in recent months, but because I had previously told you about November 24th I will briefly explain what occurred on this date.

Also, currently there have been 42 instances since the autumn of 2018 for which I knew beforehand that a sign would occur on a date, and not once have I been mistaken. I told you in advance about a number of them. For example, ahead of October 27th 2018 I told you I was expecting a sign involving the number 4 in Game 4 of the World Series. On that day the main story of the game was how the Dodgers blew a 4-0 lead through the manager's decision to remove the pitcher, player #44, 'Rich Hill', too early from the game. Trump (symbolizes the trump-et of God in the Bible, hence Trump-Pence = trump-pets... it's not about the person, God can use whoever He likes, and it is almost always someone we would not expect) confirmed this main story of the game with his opinion in his critical tweet that mentioned the 4-0 blown lead and Rich Hill. On that same day, it was 4 police officers that were wounded in the synagogue shooting in the "rich" Squirrel 'Hill' neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Following these signs on a Saturday, on the Monday in the stock market the Dow closed at 25,444. I don't have the space to explain why the 25,000 is relevant, and is subtracted from the number to give us 444. Actually, I will mention one thing, which is that 25,000 is a number in the Book of Ezekiel that describes the dimensions of the future rebuilt Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The 25,444 number pointed the synagogue shooting, and synagogues are called temples. It was 11 people that were killed. The phrase the 11th hour was coined by Jesus, and refers to the last chance before time is up at the 12th hour, which in ancient Israel was was when the sun set. It was 7 people that were injured in the shooting. One reason the number 11 also symbolizes judgment is because the passages involving judgment in the Bible occur in the 11th verse of the chapter. For example, Genesis 7:11 is when the Flood began, and this is why it was 7 people injured and 11 killed in the synagogue shooting. The prophetic sign in Game 2 of the same World Series in 2018 occurred at 7:11 pm when the power went out for 7 minutes in the radio broadcast booth during the most important 7 minutes of the game during the Red Sox rally. The judgment in Genesis 7:11 occurred after 7 days warning in Genesis 7:4. Hence the 7 people wounded, 4 police officers, and 11 killed in the shooting. The broadcast booth power outage pointed to the infamous power outage in the broadcast booth in the opening minutes of the broadcast of Game 3 of the 1989 World Series due to the Bay Area Earthquake. It was the first time the world watched a major earthquake live as the Goodyear Blimp flew over the Bay Area showing the chaos and destruction. The 1989 World Series was a massive prophetic judgment warning sign in the league of 9/11. The 2018 World Series was the 29th anniversary of the 1989 World Series Earthquake judgment warning, and the reason why this was extremely prophetic is because 2018 was 1989 years from the beginning of Jesus' ministry in 29 AD. We know 29 AD was the year because the Gospel of Luke tells us it began in the 15th year of Tiberius' reign, which secular history tells us began in 14 AD. 1989 years is 13 x 153 years. The number 153 occurs in John chapter 21, which is the last chapter of the Gospel of John, and contains the most symbolism of any chapter in the Bible. The number 153 refers to the 153 fish caught in the net, and this symbolizes the harvest of souls at the end of the age of fishing for men. Jesus told his disciples that were fishermen that they would instead fish for men. It was Jesus plus his 12 disciples that began the age of fishing for men, for a total of 13 men. So, the number 13 symbolizes the beginning of the Church Age and the number 153 symbolizes the end of the Church Age. Thus the reason why the 1989 World Series and the 29th anniversary of the 1989 World Series Earthquake with the 2018 World Series were so prophetic. The 2018 World Series pointed to the end of the age, and the beginning of the 1000 years Messianic Age (which is why the last 4 digits of the first 1000 digits of pi, a number God has baked into the Creation, are 1989).

Incidentally, that the number 11 symbolizes judgment and the 11th hour before judgment is the reason why the terrorism attack on Manhattan and Washington occurred on 9/11. We have been in the 11th hour before judgment since 9/11. It is the reason why the Twin Towers look like a giant 11, and why there were 9 prophetic parallels between 9/11 and ancient Israel that are described in Isaiah 9:11. Isaiah 9:11 is part of the daily scripture reading in all one year bibles (including Catholic one year bibles) on September 11th every year; and on 9/11 2001 God was pointing to Isaiah 9:11. Isaiah 9:11 regards the defiance of Israel in response to the judgment warning that was the brief raid by the ancient Assyrians. God said that because of their decision to not repentant after the warning, and instead in their pride vowed to rebuild better than before, that He would raise up the enemies of the nation and destroy it. This is exactly what has occurred in America since 9/11. Trump for example, the man famous for his towers, after 9/11 called for an even higher tower to replace the Twin Towers, and today the One World Tower is slightly higher that the Twin Towers were. (The root word for tower is Hebrew is the word for pride.) America has not only not repented after 9/11, but it has raced much further away from God since 9/11. The end of America as we know it will occur next June 7th 2020.

The number 9 also symbolizes judgment because of Genesis chapter 9 that describes God's covenant with man regarding judgment, and His sign, the rainbow, that regards His covenant and judgment. This is why it was 110 floors in the Twin Towers (110 symbolizes Joshua and walls of security falling; and there is also an 11 in 110) that fell and caused an earthquake to crack the foundation of Federal Hall on 'Wall' Street, that in the 17th century was originally a wall of security protection 9 feet tall. Here we have one of a multitude of pairings of 9 and 11 (and 110) in the Lord's judgment warning signs. Federal Hall was where George Washington was first inaugurated and so its foundation being cracked on 9/11 symbolized America's foundation in God being cracked. After his inauguration Washington marched down to Trinity Chapel where he then consecrated the nation to God, saying that if America ever were to turn away from God it would lose its blessings. This is why the only building at Ground Zero to survive was the Trinity Chapel. God was pointing to Washington and God's covenant relationship with His Gentile nation. The reason the Trinity Chapel survived without a scratch was due to the protection of a 70 year (70 years is prophetic and in the Bible regards judgment) old sycamore tree that was uprooted from the falling debris. Isaiah 9:11 speaks of sycamore trees that were uprooted in the Assyrian invasion, which was the judgment warning on ancient Israel. Isaiah 9:11 also speaks about God raising up the enemies of the nation. The ancient Assyrians were the world's first terrorists, and this is why their descendants were the perpetrators of the 9/11 judgment warning. These are 2 of the 9 parallels between 9/11 and Isaiah 9:11.

That 9 and 11 symbolize judgment and the last chance 11th hour before judgment is also the reason for the stock market sign on December 11th 2019. The Dow closed at 27,911.3, up 30 points and .11% for the day. The S&P gained 9.11 and .3% on the day. The number 27,000 symbolizes wall of security judgment, as 27,000 men died when the security walls of a city collapsed on them in 1 Kings 20:30. The .11% points to the 11th hour last chance. The 911 in the Dow and 9.11 in the S&P obviously point to 9/11. What makes this interesting is that the .3 in the Dow close and 30 points gained in the Dow, as well as the .3% gained in the S&P point to the date 3/11 2020, which is 3 months after ‪12/11 2019. 3‬/11 2020 is the penultimate date in the trail of signs. It would take a few hours to type out everything about this coming 3/11 2020, and even that would be difficult because the big picture of signs is a giant interconnected web. I will just mention that 3/11 2019 was 22,222 days after a tv episode aired in 1958 titled The End of The World that involved a man named Trump that sold a wall of security to protect the naive people of a small Old Western town from the coming cosmic radiation doomsday. Exactly 50 years after this tv episode aired Obama made his infamous 50 states gaffe when he said he had visited 57 states (the number of states in the Islamic Organization of Cooperation) on the campaign trail shortly before he was first elected President. Exactly 144,000 (an important number in the Book of Revelation) hours after this gaffe will be the Day of Atonement in 2024, which is the end of the End Times when the Antichrist will be vanquished from the Temple Mount with the breath Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Coming (this date in 2024 is also exactly 9 (9 = judgment) years after the Pope and Obama met in the White House Garden (there is much more to all of this). A series of 2s symbolizes the Second Coming. I don't have the space here to explain the details, but 222 months after 9/11 2001 is 3/11 2020, which ties into the 22,222 days connection to 3/11 2019. As well, as I mentioned the Lord is using George Washington symbolism in His signs, and pointed to Washington's consecration of the nation to God at Ground Zero. Washington was born on 2/22, and an example of series of 2s symbolizing Washington is that from the Washington DC earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument, is exactly 2,222 days to the Revelation 12 Sign at sunset on 9/22 2017. So, 222 months from 9/11 to 3/11 2020 is also pointing the Washington symbolism in the 9/11 judgment warning. 3/11 2020 is also a very prophetic 9 (9 = judgment) years after what is called in Japan the 3/11 Tsunami on 3/11/11. The 3/11 Tsunami is also called the Triple Disaster, because of the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. In Japan, Pope Francis (Antichrist #1) met with survivors of the 3/11 Tsunami 110 days before 3/11/20. In the 9th chapter of Daniel 7 years symbolizes the period of the Antichrist Kingdom. The 3/11 Tsunami on 3/11 on 3/11/11 was exactly 7 years after the "Spanish 9/11" terrorism event on 3/11/04. Spanish 9/11 was exactly 2 and a half years after 9/11 2001. In Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapter 12 a "times and half time" is 2 and a half years, and it refers to the period of the Antichrist Kingdom. In other words, through these major world disasters on dates that were the 11th day of the month (symbolizing the 11th hour before judgment begins) 9/11 2001 connects to 3/11 2020. 3/11 2020 is also 222 months after 9/11 2001. These connections are just scratching the surface for the relevancy of 3/11 2020, however what I have just mentioned confirms that 3/11 2020 symbolizes 9/11 2001. In the 9/11 judgment warning signs God pointed to George Washington and the consecration of the nation to God at the Trinity Chapel at Ground Zero, just after Washington was inaugurated in Federal Hall on Wall Street - the foundation of which cracked on 9/11.(There is a statue of George Washington outside of Federal Hall on Wall Street.). Washington was born on 2/22, and 222 month after 9/11 will be 3/11 2020. There are 88 places with the name Washington in the US, and a major story in the 9/11 events was the Heroes of The 88th Floor, and in the Tribute in Lights art installation it was 88 searchlights that made the column of lights where the Twin Towers stood. 88 days after 3/11 2020 will be the day judgment on America and the End Times begins, when America can expect a triple disaster. If there were any doubt that the stock market sign on 12/11 that I just described, that included a Dow close at 27,911, and a gain in the S&P of 9.11, connects 3 months later to 3/11 2020, which symbolizes 9/11, the fact that 12/11 was 311 days after the Patriots Super Bowl 53 confirms ‪12/11 2019‬ connects with 3/11 2020, because Super Bowl 53 was a major 9/11 sign. I don't have the space for the details, but through the number 17 Super Bowl 53 pointed the first Patriots' Super bowl win 17 years that occurred months after 9/11 2001, which also pointed to the number 17. The South Tower was struck 17 minutes after the North Tower. Super Bowl 53 was also the second major sports championship in row played between Boston and Los Angeles, as the 2018 World Series was also between Boston and Los Angeles. This pointed to the two flights between Boston and Los Angeles that struck the two towers. The Most Valuable Player of the game was player 11, and this is pointing again to the 11th hour before judgment.  

I believe the signs are indicating that 3/11 2020 is the day Trump will have a heart attack. This too is symbolic, as Trump symbolizes the trump-et of God, and America (and the world) has spiritual heart disease, for which there is only one remedy, the God of Israel. Trump was born on a sabbath day and in all synagogues the weekly scripture that was read on the day Trump was born regards God's command for the making of the trumpet. Trump was born exactly 700 days before Israel was reborn on May 14th 1948. When the US opened its new embassy in Jerusalem on Israel's 70th anniversary Trump was 70 years and 700 days old. Trump was elected by 77 electoral votes. On election day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been in office for 7 years 7 months and 7 days. On Trump's inauguration day he was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old. During his inauguration a very light fell during his speech, and only during his speech. In the Bible a light rain is a sign of God's blessing. Exactly 7 months after Inauguration Day was the Great American Eclipse judgment warning sign. On Trump's 77th week in office Forbes listed Trump as the 777th richest person in the world. Trump was born on the day of blood moon lunar eclipse and he gave his State of The Union speech after his first full year in office on the evening of a very rare super blue blood moon lunar eclipse on 1/31 2018. When people have heart attacks their faces turn blue. Exactly 110 weeks after this super blue blood moon is 3/11/20. There are more signs that indicate a connection between Trump having a heart attack and 3/11 2020.

Speaking of 9/11 signs in the stock market on ‪12/11 2019‬, the day after 12/11, on 12/12, there was a news story regarding how a 28 year old prediction came true that was made in an iconic 1991 Seinfeld episode titled "Heart Attack". Jerry and George visit a New Age healer, George ends up turning blue and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, but during the exchange Jerry gets the "Cleveland 117 San Antonio 109" prediction. In this game's score we have the numbers 17 and 9. The Lord has been paring the numbers 9 and 17 together in order to point to a passage that follows Isaiah 9:11, which is Isaiah 9:17; in which God says that despite all of His warnings His hand is still outstretched and ready to forgive. This pairing of 9 and 17 is why for example the sign that was the B-17 Nine-O-Nine WW2 bomber that crashed outside the nation's insurance capital city (Hartford, CT), on the same day that the Navy's "doomsday" aircraft suffered $2 million in damages after it hit a bird during a touch and go landing. On 12/12 this basketball prediction came to pass in a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs that went into over time. (Also, the San Antonio Spurs were the first team to play 4 overtime games in a row, including this one, in '50' years.) The stock market signs on 12/11 pointed to the 11th hour, and 12/12 pointed to the 12th hour and time being up. The "Heart Attack" episode prediction occurred in conjunction with stock market signs on 12/11 that pointed to 3/11 3 months later. 12/11 and 12/12 are communicating the 11th hour last chance before time is up in the 12th hour. A news media story on 12/12 regarded the "last" full moon of the decade at precisely 12:12 am in the time zone of the 9/11 events in Manhattan and Washington DC. So, we have a second moon news story that connects to heart attack and connects to 3/11 2020, and Trump was born on a blood moon lunar eclipse. The basketball prediction story on 12/12 pointed to a year earlier when on ‪12/12 2018‬ NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal's famous teenager son announced on social media he would be having open heart surgery the following day. On 12/12 we received one of a few Trump Tower prophetic signs, when a window washer fell to his death. On ‪12/12 2019‬ there was another sports story regarding an NFL football player named Cyrus Jones who also has this rare heart condition in young people that requires open heart surgery. Cyrus Jones played for the Patriots, and the Lord is using the Patriots in His 9/11 warning signs. Trump is God's King Cyrus. Trump is the 45th President and Isaiah chapter 45 describes God using the Persian King Cyrus to liberate the Jews in Babylon and declare the Jews return to Jerusalem after 70 years of exile. 70 years to the very day after the UN voted to recognize a Jewish nation in 1947 is when Trump announced US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. In the decree Cyrus wrote that God commands the rebuilding of the House of God. In Trump's declaration on 12/6/18 Trump commanded the building of a house in Jerusalem - the US embassy, which was opened on Israel's 70th anniversary. Therefore, this story of this player named Cyrus, the Heart Attack episode basketball prediction, Shaquillle O'Neal's famous son's heart surgery, the Trump Tower death, the last chance full moon, and the stock market signs seem to point to Trump and a heart attack on 3/11 2020, 88 days before the End Times begin on Pentecost June 7th 2020.    

Ultimately, as I explained, 3/11 2020 represents 9/11 2001, and 3/11 2020 is the penultimate date before Pentecost on 6/7 2020, 88 days later. It would take a while to type out all of the reasons for the relevancy of 88 days, but I will mention that the number 88 connects with 9/11. A major story in the 9/11 events is what is called the Heroes of the 88th Floor. Also, 88 searchlights made up the Tribute in Light art installation of columns of light representing the Twin Towers. God also had His hand on the movie Back to The Future, in which the plot regarded a warning about a future terrorism event at the 'Twin' Pines Mall. The Twin Pines Mall clock sign reveals 9:11, as does the the clock 'tower' that is 'struck' by lightning, and Doc's stop watches. In the alternate time travel scene the time on the Lone Pine Mall sign clock is 17 minutes later than the time on the Twin Pines Mall sign clock. Not only has the Lord used the number 17 to point to 9/11 in numerous other signs (partly to point to Isaiah 9:17, as I just mentioned), but the South Tower was struck 17 minutes after the North Tower on 9/11. In Back to The Future 2 there is a scene in the living room that has a Statue of Liberty torch lamp in the middle of the scene. George McFly is hanging upside down, and the "scenery channel" screen shows two tall, slim, symmetrical pines trees, before switching to a scene of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, that then clearly depicts the towers falling down if looked at from upside down (if you can't picture this you have to see it to believe what I am saying). The makers of the movie were in the game of hiding all kinds of things in the movie, and it is obvious they predicted a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, but the explanation for the 9:11 clocks and many other things I don't have the space to mention here can only be supernatural. BTF 2 also predicted the Cubs winning the World Series, which at the time was a joke, because the Lord designed it that the Cubs would be known as the team that hadn't won the World Series since 1898. BTF was made in 1985, and the future in BTF 2, with its Cubs prediction, takes place in 2015. The Cubs were in the National League championship series in 2015, and so BTF was in the news, and the Cubs won in 2016. Marty comes from 1985, and so this prediction for 2015 was a 30 year prediction. In 2015 the Kansas City Royals won the World Series. The only other time the Royals had won the World Series was in 1985, 30 years earlier, when Back to the Future was made, and the year Marty is from. In the Bible 30 years refers to the crowning of a king, as King David and Joseph were made kings at age 30. The Royals' victories 30 years apart, connecting with the BTF prediction, is a clear sign pointing the crowning of the King of Kings, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, soon. 1260 days (a number of days that refer to the End Times period, mentioned 7 times in the books of Daniel and Revelation) after the Royals won the World Series was the Temple Mount sign in which a fire broke out in the 'Royal' Portico area of the Temple Mount on Nisan 10 in the Hebrew calendar, which was April 15th 2019. Jesus cleansed the Royal Portico area of the Temple Mount after his Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on Nisan 10. This day, April 15th 2019, was also the day of the Notre Dame fire in Paris, but I do not have the space here to tell you about the details and the connections. You need to watch my videos. I am just scratching the surface of the Back To The Future signs, but the point here is that the time machine, the Delorean car, needed to travel 88 miles an hour in order to time travel. This 88 miles per hour is an iconic aspect of the movie. The license plate ID was Outatime. The iconic scene when the Delorean first time travels had the Outatime license plate fall off and spin on the ground after the car disappeared. The movie predicted 9/11 (if I didn't convince you of this then you will be convinced when you watch the video I will make), and the movie contains 88 miles to Outatime. From 3/11 2020, a date representing 9/11, it is 88 days to Outatime, on Pentecost on 6/7/20.

The sign of God's covenant with man regarding judgment is the rainbow. On the day that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage the top of the One World Tower was lit up in rainbow colors. (The one world tower in the Bible, that was erected by the Antichrist foreshadow, is named in Genesis 11:9, and in the rest of the world 9/11 is 11/9.) The top of the One World Tower is unmistakably an Islamic minaret, which in Islam symbolizes spiritual dominance over everything that is beneath its height. In other words, the spiritual enemy now rules over America. On this same day the White House was also lit up by Obama in rainbow colors, because Obama is Antichrist #2. The date was the 9th day of the month of Tammuz in the Hebrew calendar, which was the day in ancient Israel that the walls of security were breached by the Babylonians. It is not a coincidence that exactly 110 (110 = Joshua, walls of security falling in judgment) weeks after this day of gay marriage celebration and the White House lit up in rainbow was the famous double rainbow over the White House on 8/3/17 that Trump tweeted about, shortly before the Great American Eclipse judgment warning sign, which was 7 months after Trump's inauguration, when he was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old. Tammuz 9 and 110 weeks also points to 9/11 and 110 floors and the original 9 feet high wall on Wall Street, and the 9 parallels with Isaiah 9:11.

The reason why the gay marriage ruling officially symbolized America severing its covenant relationship with God is because homosexuality is not just another sin. In the Bible it is the symbolic sin of the last stage of rebellion against God before judgment and destruction. It also an abominable sin, not only against the self, and the Temple of God, which is the human body of repentant believers, but also a sin against society and God. To overcome the test of faith that will be the Antichrist Kingdom it will not be enough to intellectually believe Jesus is the Son of God. This isn't how the Early Church understood the Greek word for belief. To believe means to believe in. Faith means faithfulness. A believer demonstrates their faith, and in the Antichrist Kingdom one of the litmus tests of faith in the Bible will be one's position on the sin of homosexuality. It is no coincidence that we are already witnessing this issue emerge as a litmus test of faith and the persecution of true believers by the Antichrist spirit.

In my last letter I told you about we should expect a relevant sign on November 24th, and again the only reason I mentioned November 24th is because I had mentioned it back in May. The reason why I told you back in May about November 24th 2019 is because of the close Jupiter Venus conjunction that occurred on this date. I don't have space to explain the interesting details here, but it was the 7th and final Jupiter Venus conjunction before the End Times begins, in a series of conjunctions that began in 2014. I don't have space to explain it here but Jupiter Venus conjunctions symbolize Christ and the Body of Christ coming together in the sky in the Resurrection Rapture. The 5th Jupiter Venus conjunction occurred 50 days after the Revelation 12 Sign that I have told you about, and this was a sign that Rapture is on Pentecost, which means 50th day. It is also believed that the Star of Bethlehem included the closest Jupiter Venus conjunction in 2 BC. The mainstream media touted the close Jupiter Venus conjunction on July 1st 2015 as the "Star of Bethlehem".

Another reason of many reasons for knowing about November 24th ahead of time is because it was 1260 days after the very prophetic sign on Pentecost 2016. Pentecost means 50, and on June 12th 2016 50 people were killed in a gay nightclub in Orlando. Fire also symbolizes Pentecost, as it was on the 50th day after the Hebrews left Egypt that fire came down Mt Sinai, and on the first Pentecost of the Church Age tongues of fire came down on the disciples of Jesus in the 'upper room'. On Pentecost in 2016 there was also an emergency fire evacuation of Megiddo National Park in Israel. Megiddo is where the word Armageddon comes from, which refers to the battle right before Jesus' return in 2024 when the armies of the enemies of Israel will be gathered of the plains of Megiddo. The Battle of Megiddo in 15th century BC is the first battle to have been recorded in what is accepted as relatively reliable detail. Megiddo is also the first recorded use of the composite bow and the first body count. Megiddo will also be the location of the final battle in history.

Before telling you about what happened on November 24th I should briefly tell you about something amazing regarding the Jupiter Venus conjunction on July 1st 2015 that the mainstream media touted as the "Star of Bethlehem". Speaking of the Lord's use of the number 50 in His signs for indicating that the day the Rapture and the End Times begins is on Pentecost, it is exactly 50 months after this prophetic Jupiter Venus conjunction to the day of a flash flood in a gorge in Hell's Gate National Park in Kenya that killed 7 people. Why is this amazing? First, this Jupiter Venus conjunction occurred in the constellation Leo near the bright star Regulus, which in ancient Hebrew astrology Leo represented the Tribe of Judah, and the star Regulus represented the King Star. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in 2 BC was the second part of the Star of Bethlehem that followed the activity of the King Planet, Jupiter, around the King Star, Regulus, in Leo, 9 months (a human gestation period) earlier in 3 BC. In Bible prophecy Jesus is said to descend from the Tribe of Judah and is like a roaring lion. Four days prior to the Jupiter Venus conjunction on July 1st 2015 was the day Obama lit up the White House in rainbow colors after the gay marriage ruling. On that day a most astounding event took place on the Sun. A shockingly unmistakable lions' head roared. You have to see to believe it. I will leave a link in this email to a video of this. The roar was a coronal mass ejection, and the resulting solar storm hit Earth just prior to the prophetic Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo. So, the roar of the lion in the Sun connected to the prophetic Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo. On the same day as the Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo, after the lion's roar solar storm, was the day the news story broke about a lion in East Africa named Cecil. Through social media the entire world was in an uproar over the death of this lion that was shot by an American trophy hunter.

Leviticus 25 describes the law of return. The Jews were to return to their original land after 49 years, in the 50th year, the jubilee year. After 19 centuries the Jew began returning to Israel 9 years after Mark Twain fulfilled a prophecy regarding the stranger coming and bearing witness to the desolation of the land before God regathers His people back to Israel. On the last day of Twain's visit in Jerusalem was a sabbath and the scripture read in the synagogues around the world was the scripture regarding the stranger bearing witness. For two thousand years Jews around the world has prayed, Lord hear our prayers and be merciful and let us return to Jerusalem. Mark Twain's real name is Samuel Clemens which means the Lord has hear, and is merciful. Exactly 50 years later in 1917 the British took over Palestine during WW1 and issued the Balfour Declaration which declared Palestine a national homeland for the Jews. The Balfour Declaration was an extremely important event in the restoration of Israel, and it occurred exactly 50 years after the prophecy of the witness was fulfilled, thus lining up the 50 year law of return. Exactly 50 years after this in 1967 Jews recapture their ancient capital East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount for the first time. There is a prophecy regarding the Lord coming down and fighting for His holy hill like a lion and a young lion. In the 6 Day War the Jewish commander and his assistant were the first Jews to walk through the gate into the Old City. The gate's name is the Lion's Gate, and the last names of the commander and assistant mean lion and young lion. A rabbi that was 50 years old, born in the prior jubilee year, followed the troops into the Old City and blew the horn at the Temple Mount. The most famous horn blow in history. The jubilee year is about returning to the original land in its original state, and also sounding the horn/trumpet. The rabbi's last name means threshing floor in Hebrew and the Temple Mount was originally a threshing floor before King David bought the land. The rabbi's last name was Polish and in Polish it means horn. 50 years later in 2017 man becomes President whose name is Trump, which in English means trumpet. Trump was born on a sabbath and the scripture read on his birthday was God commands the making of the trumpet. He was born exactly 700 days before Israel was reborn. On the day of his inauguration he was 70 years 70 months and 7 days old. He won by 77 electoral votes on the day Netanyahu had been in office for 7 years 7 months and 7 days. How did God use Trump to fulfill prophecy in 2017? On December 6th 2017 Trump declared that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. He mentioned 70 years and building a house in Jerusalem, the US embassy - which was opened on Israel's 70th anniversary. Persian King Cyrus also issued a declaration for the Jews to return to Jerusalem after exactly 70 years of captivity in Babylon, and Cyrus also mentioned building a house in his declaration, the House of God, the Jewish Temple. Trump's declaration occurred exactly 70 years to the day (in the Hebrew calendar) after the UN voted to make Israel a nation on November 29th 1947.  

Returning back to the Jupiter Venus conjunction in 2015, after the lion roar on the Sun, and uproar over Cecil the Lion in East Africa, exactly 50 months later was the flash flood in Hell's Gate National Park in southwest Kenya. Hell's Gate inspired the movie The Lion King. This flash flood occurred exactly 50 days after the blackout in Manhattan that caused a flood in the theater of the musical The Lion King that soaked the costumes, making them unusable for a few days. The area of Manhattan to lose power was Hell's Kitchen, and on the media covered the story of the impromptu street performance on Broadway by the cast of the musical Hadestown. The lights went out on Broadway on 7/13 at 13 minutes before 7 pm, and Matthew 7/13 describes how the way to destruction is broad, and how most people are on this road, even though they think they are not. The blackout occurred exactly 110 minutes shy of the 42nd anniversary of the infamous New York City blackout in 1977 that saw apocalyptic scenes of rioting and 9 million people without power. In the blackout exactly 42 years later it was initially 42,000 people without power, and this later expanded to 72,000 people. The area of the blackout was from 42nd Street to 72nd Street. The number 42 occurs in chapters 11 and 13 in the Book of Revelation and refers to the 42 months duration of the Antichrist Kingdom. On the day of the blackout in Manhattan 153,000 people in Louisiana lost their power due to Hurricane Barry. In his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, Barack Obama described how changing his name from Barry to Barack was a formative moment in his life. Although he doesn't realize it, Obama's dream of the menacing father figure and the enormous tree is a prophecy that lines up Daniel chapter 4 and reveals he is Antichrist #2, which is why his number is 444 (as opposed to 666 for Pope Francis), and why Obama was the 44th President, and why while in Chicago on his 54th (5+4=9=judgment - there are many other 9s associated with Obama in the signs) birthday 4 sisters in Chicago had 4 babies in 4 days, which was exactly 4 months after the blood moon centered over Hawaii and Indonesia (where he grew up - his mother was in an Islamic cult in Indonesia) that was the shortest lunar eclipse in over 400 years at 4 minutes and 44 seconds, on 4/4 2015, which was exactly 7 biblical years (which refers to the End Time period in Daniel ch 9) after his 50 states gaffe, which was exactly 50 years after the Trump tv episode, and exactly 144,000 hours before Atonement 2024, when the Antichrist is vanquished. The blood moon on 4/4 2015 was also 504 (5+4=9) months from when the Twin Towers were opened on 4/4/73. From when the Twin Towers opened it was 540 (5+4=9) months until 4/4 2018 when a Thunderbird jet crashed that was #4 in its squad. This pointed to the day a Thunderbird jet crashed immediately after flying over Obama whilst he delivered a commencement speech to the Air Force in Colorado; and on the same day a Blue Angels jet crashed in Tennessee. Both were #6 in their squad. The fallen Blue Angel jet was not only hinting at fallen angels, but also Obama's basketball team, the Duke Blue Devils, and the prophetic signs in the game he attended that revealed he is the Duke Antichrist, under the Monarch Antichrist, Pope Francis. 666 days after the #6 jets were profound Pope Francis Antichrist signs. On Obama's birthday on 8/4 2019 (which was the 216th day of the year; 6 x 6 x 6 = 216) there a massive blackout in Indonesia. This occurred exactly 50 days after the nationwide blackout in Argentina, on Pentecost 2019 (the signs are indicating the power will go out due to fire from heaven on June 7th 2020 Pentecost; Pentecost = 50 days) in 44 million people were without power. This one of a number of Argentina signs that reveal Francis as Antichrist #1. Francis is from Argentina and Obama is from Indonesia, and so 50 days between these blackouts (with Hurricane Barry and Manhattan/Broad-is-the- Way-to-destruction blackout on 7/13 in between) to the 44th President's birthday; and then it is exactly 44 weeks to Pentecost on June 7th 2020. On the Obama's birthday there was a second story about a kid thrown by a stranger from the roof of the #1 tourist site in London. The pointed to the kid named Landen that landed next the Michael Kors store after he was thrown from the 3rd level by a demon possessed stranger in the Mall of America. The 3rd symbolizes the 3rd Heaven, and Michael Kors symbolizes Archangel Michael that is described in Revelation chapter 12 as throwing Satan and his fallen angels down to earth at the beginning of the End Times. The Mall of America symbolizes the coming judgment on America. This incident occurred exactly 216 (6 x 6 x 6) days after Obama admitted to be booted from Disney's Magic Kingdom (3rd Heaven symbolism) in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, for smoking when he was a teenager. The new version of The Lion King was released 44 days before the Hell's Gate National Park flash flood, and Hell's Gate inspired The Lion King (an easily verifiable fact). I don't have near the space to explain how the Washington Nationals World Series win this year was prophetic, however, on the same day as the Hell's Gate/The Lion King flash flood was the day two of the Nationals players famously lifted up for the "Simba Cam" moment. Simba is the young future lion king and when he was born he was lifted up for all to see. This is the most iconic scene in the movie. It was only two players that were lifted up; player #22 and player #2. Thus symbolizing the Second Coming of THE lion king. The coach was also lifted up and his number is 4, thus pointing to Obama, 50 months after Cecil the lion uproar, after the White House was lit up in rainbow, and 50 days after the Manhattan blackout Antichrist signs and Hurricane Barry. The number 50 symbolizes Pentecost, and so does the number 3000. It was "about 3000" that died due to their rebellion on the 50th day our of Egypt, and on the first Pentecost of the Church Age it was "about 3000" that came to saving faith. (This is why is was 2,996 people, about 3000, that died as a result of the 9/11 events.) Exactly 3000 days before the Manhattan Antichrist sign and Hurricane Barry/Barack was the day of the biggest lie ever told, and the day of the deadliest and costliest tornado outbreak in US history, called the Super Outbreak. On this day, during the White House Correspondents Dinner, in which the tradition is for the President to tell jokes behind a podium, Obama presented for this first time his birth certificate forgery, while cloaking the lie in humor. He said played a video of the iconic The Lion King scene in which Simba is lifted up and claimed it was video of his birth scene. Mocking those that claim he was born in Africa. (I apologize for the Christian Conspiracy Theorists' track record that have unfortunately caused people to dismiss this birth certificate forgery. I am myself loathe and despise the Conspiracy Theory worldview and believe it is serious sin, and I detest the notion that the US government killed 3000 of its own citizens on 9/11, for example. However, this birth certificate was easily proven to be a forgery after the sheriff of the 6th biggest city in the nation, Phoenix, conducted an investigation and hired two independent digital forensic labs in Europe. Among other evidence, it is blatant that what Obama presented was a layered digital rendering. The reason why you don't know this is because the liberal media worships Obama.) Obama had the audacity to make fun of Trump at the dinner, as Trump was the most vocal skeptic of Obama's birth certificate. Obama is the slickest, smoothest liar, ever. On the day of the Obama Lion King presentation the famous pastor that founded the famous Times Square Church in Times Square, died, exactly 3000 (a number that symbolizes the Church) days before the lights went out in Times Square. It is 3000 days from the Obama The Lion King presentation to Manhattan blackout and The Lion King musical flood, and Hell's Kitchen and Hadestown signs, and then another 50 days to The Lion King flash flood in Hell's Gate in Kenya. Both 50 and 3000 symbolize Pentecost. 40 weeks is the average human gestation period according to the medical profession, and in prophetic signs it symbolizes Matthew 24:7-8 "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are but the beginning of the birth pains". 40 weeks after The Lion King Hell's Gate flash flood in Pentecost on June 7th 2020, when Hell's Gates open, and Obama and Francis rise to global dominance. 9 and 23 are the numbers associated with Revelation chapter 12 which describes the Rapture and the beginning of the End Times when Satan is thrown to earth, and then tries to wipe out with a flash flood the Jews in Israel that are hiding in the Petra archaeological site in Jordan.  9 months and 23 days prior to the flash flood in the gorge in Hell's Gate National Park was the emergency evacuation of 4000 tourists from the gorges of Petra due to a flash flood. Both Petra and Hell's Gate are on the exact same longitude. Hell's Gate is not only in Kenya, but it is the region of Kenya of his father's village, and where he had his prophetic Antichrist dream. In other words, Hell's Gate, that inspired the Lion King, is right near where Obama was born, and the date of the flash flood in Hell's Gate, was the date of the Nationals' Simba cam, and the date connects with 44 days (Obama is the 44th President) to the release of the new The Lion King, as well as 50 days to The Lion King musical flood, and 3000 days to Obama's The Lion King Simba scene presentation of his birth certificate, which is forgery because he was born in Kenya near Hell's Gate.

The following day after the Nationals' Simba Cam was Labor Day. Prior to this day I was expecting a relevant sign, because I knew it was 40 weeks, including Labor Day, to Pentecost on June 7th 2020 and the beginning of the End Times. Sure enough, the relevant major sign occurred. The Conception boat fire. Fire in the upper room symbolizes Pentecost and so does the number 5, and this story involved 5 people that were able to escape the fire that were on the upper deck of the boat. They were rescued by a boat named The Grape Escape, which of course symbolizes the escape of Christians that are worthy in the Rapture. The boat was anchored off the shore of Santa Cruz Island National Park. The Lord is using national parks to symbolize America, and Santa Cruz means Holy Cross. The 1989 World Series Earthquake judgment sign occurred 10 miles from Santa Cruz California in the Santa Cruz Mountains. the 276 appear in the Book of Acts in context of a ship cutting loose its anchors in a storm. The fire on the Conception boat that was anchored 20 feet from shore occurred 276 days after the 7.0 Anchorage, Alaska earthquake in which the only building that burned was the church. Again, 40 weeks is the average human gestation period at it symbolizes Matthew 24:7-8 and the "birth [labor] pains" before the Second Coming. The 'Conception' boat fire occurred on 'Labor' Day, 40 weeks prior to the birth of the Church into Heaven at the Rapture on Pentecost on June 7th 2020.

Before November 24th I was expecting a relevant sign on this day. Given the Jupiter Venus conjunction on November 24th and its Rapture symbolism it is amazing that a main international news story on this day was the rescue of 14,600 sheep from a capsized ship off the coast of Romania in the Black Sea. First, in the Bible a flock of sheep is a metaphor for followers of Christ. Second, this is a story about a rescue, which is what the Rapture is - a rescue of the worthy followers of Christ (many Christians will be left behind) from the coming Tribulation period and the Antichrist Kingdom. Third, the Ark that rescued Noah and his family in the account of the Flood is a prophetic foreshadow of the Rapture, and this rescue involved a ship at sea. Furthermore, many people believe that Noah's Flood was a local flood and occurred in the area that is now the Black Sea after rising Mediterranean Sea levels rose and broke through the Bosporus Straight. Fourth, the ship was leaving Romania, which is a country named after the Romans, and this symbolizes the rescue of Christians from the Antichrist Kingdom, which will come from the Roman Catholic Church system and will be headquartered in Rome. Fifth, this rescue occurred in the Black Sea, and the signs are indicating that the electrical power grid will blackout at the beginning of the End Times. As well, black symbolizes darkness and the coming spiritual darkness on the world.  

The other huge sign that occurred on November 24th was Pope Francis' long awaited speech in Nagasaki, Japan. One of the two main issues the Pope advocates for is the elimination of nuclear weapons, and he finally got the opportunity to deliver a speech in Japan. On the same day he visited Nagasaki he also visited the Martyrs Monument for the so called Hidden Christians in this region of Japan that hid their faith for centuries in the face of severe persecution. During Pope Francis' reign as Antichrist #1 (Obama is AC #2) true believers of Christ will be in hiding, and refusing to take the mark of the beast that will involve forced religious worship in the new religious system. Francis' visit to Japan occurred 666 days after the UN recognized the Hidden Christian Sites in The Nagasaki Region as UNESCO World Heritage Sites on January 30th 2018; and Francis' to visit Nagasaki was exactly 99 weeks after Francis issued his famous Nagasaki nuclear victim card (the number 9 symbolizes judgment in the Bible).

One precise prediction I mentioned in the last letter was that the Dow would peak at 27,760 points. Some of you received my letter a day later than others because I did not have time to send the letter to everyone at the same time. In the letter I sent a day later I added that this peak in the Dow could occur on November 11th. I had been thinking since sometime in September that 11/11 could be the day of the stock market peak at 27,760. I don't have the space to explain all of the amazing details regarding the significance of ‪11/11 2019‬, but one of the reasons for the attention paid to this date is that it was the 101st anniversary of WW1, and it was 11 days after the 101 year old barge on the Niagara River that was dislodged from where it had been resting for 101 years. Niagara Falls produces a permanent rainbow, and as I mentioned the rainbow is described as God's sign in the Flood account in Genesis. The 101 year old barge symbolizes Noah's Ark, as its history involves a daring rescue in 1918 of the two men trapped on the barge on the river close to the falls. This rescue also symbolizes the Rapture, just as the rescue of Noah's family also symbolizes the Rapture. 110 days after the 101 year old barge moved, which was 11 days prior to 11/11, will be February 17th 2020, which is the 17th day of the 2nd month. In Genesis chapter 7 the Flood began on the 17th day of the 2nd month. Many days prior to 2/17 in 2018 I told you I expected that Winter Noah would be named that day, and sure enough this is what happened. Winter Storm Petra on 2/17/19, which coincided with relevant and amazing signs. If the barge goes over Niagara Falls on 2/17 2020 this will make two correct predictions for a 2/17 date.  

On November 11th we received the stock market sign I was anticipating. However, it was not the final peak in the market before the crash. The main reason, among many reasons, why I predicted 27,760 was because it is 27,760 days between D-Day in WW2 and Pentecost on June 7th 2020. The Lord has connected other WW2 dates, including a Dow closing number made in July 2019 that was made at an interim peak high in the stock market that lasted more than 3 months. On July 12th 2019, the day before the Manhattan blackout and Hurricane Barry signs, the Dow closed at 27,332, and it is 27,332 days from the date the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki will be Pentecost on June 7th 2020. This matches the nuclear bomb signs that point to Manhattan, that would likely occur at the beginning of the End Times. Which would be a follow up to 9/11 2001 and fulfill Isaiah 9:11 which describes how God will raise up the enemies of the nation because the people would not turn to God after the judgment warning (9/11 2001). For example, during the Manhattan blackout a 4.0 earthquake occurred in Manhattan, Montana (which connects to other signs, including nearby Yellowstone volcano, which I don't have the space to explain here). As well, exactly 923 (9 and 23 symbolize judgment and Revelation 12) months prior to the Manhattan blackout was the official beginning of the Manhattan Project to build the nuclear bomb. So, for these reasons and many more, the anniversary of WW1 seemed like a fitting date for the Dow to reach 27,760 points.

On ‪11/11 2019‬ the Dow made an intraday high at 27,770. This was 10 points away from the expected number. However, not only is this number more than interesting, it occurred on the date I had expected a peak at 27,760, which is a number I had known about since early September. Again, the number 27,000 occurs in 1 Kings 20:30 in context of walls of security collapsing. We are talking about converting a Dow number into a number of days and 770 days is 110 weeks. The Lord has used 110 weeks numerous times to symbolize walls of security falling, including 110 weeks from the day a tunnel wall collapsed at the Hanford Nuclear Site (the site that produced the plutonium for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs), causing a total evacuation of the site, to Pentecost on June 16th 2019, which was the end of the parallel of signs with the timing of events in the Book of Joshua when the walls of Jericho fell, and which was also the day of the rare 3.2 earthquake right in Jericho, 'Washington' State, right near the Hanford Nuclear Site, and beside the Columbia River (the Lord is using Washington and Columbia to symbolize America in His judgment signs). On this 101st anniversary of WW1 there were two WW2 signs. Two stories of underwater WW2 wreck discoveries came out on this day. One story regarded a WW2 submarine that was sunk in the Pacific. The submarine was on its 10th war patrol when it disappeared and 80 sailors were lost. I don't have the space to explain it here but the date 11/11 symbolizes the End of the Age, and is related to the end of the War To End All Wars, WW1, that ended at 11 am on ‪11/11 1918‬ (11,111 days before the extremely prophetic blood moon that occurred in conjunction with Israel's rebirth). Exactly 10 months and 80 years after the submarine and 80 sailors were lost on its 10th war patrol will be the final day of the age and the true end of all war when Lord Jesus Christ begins the 1000 years of peace rule on earth in 2024. The 10th war patrol and 10 months on 11/11, the day of the prophetic Dow 27,770 intraday high, confirms the subtraction of 10 points from 27,770 to give us 27,760.  As well, subtracting the 27,000 number from 27,760 gives us 760, and this is fitting because not only do 7 and 6 symbolizes man becoming one with God in the Resurrection Rapture, and not only is it 27,760 days between D-Day and Pentecost 2020, but from D-Day on 6/6 1944 it is exactly 76 years to the beginning of the End Times at sunset on Pentecost on 6/6 2020. It is fitting that this submarine and Dow stock market occurred on the 101st anniversary of WW1 and Veteran's Day. The following day, on 11/12, the Dow closed at "unchanged" from the previous day's close. This was a media news story in itself because this was only the third time since the decimalization of the Dow that the Dow closed at exactly the same number from the previous day. The first time this happened was 101 days after 9/11 2001, and this third time occurred on the 101st anniversary of WW1. One reason God did this was to point to the intraday high number that day, which was a prophetic 27,770, and also the point to the 10 points subtraction to get 27,760. The exactness in this Dow's "unchanged" close reminds me of how on Friday April 18th 2019 the Dow lost exactly 110.00 points and the Nasdaq lost exactly 9.00 points. The odds of a stock index closing at an even number with two zeros after the decimal place is 1 in 100. The odds of two of the three main stock indexes closing at an even number are 1 in 10,000. The odds that both numbers symbolize judgment in the Bible  and in the End Times signs are incalculable. The date this occurred, Friday April 18th 2019, was two days before Sunday April 20th 2019, which was the 110th day of the year, the day of a news story regarding 110 Kosovar ISIS terrorist families, mostly 'kids', being returned to Kosovo; and also the day of the 20th anniversary of the mass school shooting of 'kids' at Columbine High School in Colorado - which was the 9/11 for the Millennial Generation, and the beginning of major mass school shootings in America. In the Bible, 20 years symbolizes a perfect and complete period of waiting for God, and so the 20th anniversary of Columbine was extremely prophetic. Columbine occurred a prophetic 180 days before the famous 7.0 earthquake in Joshua Tree, California. This Joshua Tree earthquake occurred exactly 10 years after the extremely prophetic 1989 World Series Earthquake, and also exactly 20 biblical years before the 6.4 earthquake on July 4th, Independence Day, 2019. In the July 4th earthquake a main aspect of the story that the media reported was that it was the strongest earthquake in California in 20 years. The scene most memorable from this earthquake, and that went viral on social media, was the video footage of the school play underway at the moment the the hammers of the kids in the play came down. Which symbolized a judge's gavel coming down in his judgment. What followed this was chaos and screaming. The camera shot went all over but somehow managed to pause briefly after it panned to the American flag hanging on the wall that ended up collapsing in the earthquake. Following this the video footage was darkness whilst screaming kids were heard. The 110 kids of the terrorists, the 20th anniversary of the kids shot in Columbine, and the kids' play chaos in the July 4th earthquake, are all communicating judgment on America for the killing of '50' million unborn babies in abortions. Abortion laws were changed for Baby Boomers. Columbine occurred at the beginning of the peak of Baby Boomers kids in high school. God has allowed the murder of the kids of Baby Boomers in mass school shootings, as a judgment warning for Baby Boomers' murder (one is guilty simply by supporting abortion politicians) of '50' million babies (on the altar of the God of self; just like the ancient Jews sacrificed babies on the fire of the altar of the god Ba'al). I made a lengthy video on this subject that is truly mind boggling. What I have described here is truly just scratching the surface of the amazing signs and connections that confirm this assertion beyond a reasonable doubt. So, the signs in the "unchanged" stock market closing numbers on 11/11 and ‪11/12 2019‬ therefore connect these two dates: 11/11 and 11/12. The same as how the signs I described on 12/11 and 12/12 connect to each other. In both cases, this is communicating the passing of the 11th hour into the 12th hour and the beginning of judgment.

I'll just mention one last interesting thing. ‪11/11 2018‬ is also connected in the big picture of signs. On this day Chicago Bears football player #1 in 4 field goal kick attempts hit the goal post 4 times. Hitting the goal post in football is quite rare. Player 1 hit the goal post 4 times on 11/11, which is 4 1s, and it was the 100th anniversary of WW1. The game was played in a field named Soldier Field, which was named after the soldiers that fought in WW1. It was officially named on ‪11/11 1925‬, 7 years after the end of WW1, and 7 years symbolizes the End Times in Daniel chapter 9. The 100th anniversary of WW1 and the 4 goal posts by player 1 on ‪11/11 2018‬ was also the day of the mysterious "crisp", "clean", "unnatural" seismic waves that have still baffled scientists, that traveled '11',000 miles around the world, and began at 9:27 am local time (Daniel 9:27 is the End Times verse regarding the 7 symbolic years), which was 33 minuted before the 11/11 11 am moment of silence at the gathering of the world's leaders in Paris, France to commemorate the anniversary and peace. Yet, the leaders were late, which is usually due to selfishness, and this symbolized the end of peace and beginning of war among the world's leaders. A couple months later, in the final seconds of a playoff game the same Bears player 1 lost the game when he kicked what became infamously known as the "double doink". The ball hit the goalpost upright, then bounced straight down and hit the goalpost crossbar, before rebounding backward into the end zone. Exactly 9 months and 11 days later was the record "bomb cyclone" wind storm on the East Coast on ‪10/17 2019‬ (which beforehand was a day I was expecting signs, and included a Trump/70 mile 'wall'/Hurricane Harvey sign, 40 weeks after 1/10 (110= Joshua) when joshua trees were cut down in Joshua Tree National Park due the government shutdown over border security 'wall' funding), which caused the practice field goalposts of the Patriots to move. (It would take pages to explain all of the details, but the Lord has been using the Patriots as America symbolism to point to 9/11 2001, and it is no coincidence that they have dominated the NFL since their first Super Bowl win right after 9/11.)

If the evidence has been persuasive there no time like the present to acknowledge God and begin a relationship with Him. Which includes getting to know who He really is, which is recorded in the Bible. For myself, this acknowledgment includes apologizing for the years wasted spent not acknowledging Him. 

I am available for questions. Including "tough" ones.